While previous versions of LiteMat changed the way we light, LiteMat Spectrum changes everything, from pre-production planning to post-production workflow, allowing a filmmaker’s true vision to become a reality…all while maintaining the great features of the over ten thousand LiteMats in use globally.

First and foremost the LiteMat Spectrum is truly a LiteMat at heart. Close to 15,000 units are in use worldwide by users at all levels of experience. It’s the preferred choice for quick setups with its ease of use and vast mounting options. LiteMat Spectrum is built on these features and adds full-color capabilities, wide-range Kelvin temperature adjustment, +/- Green correction, full spectrum de-saturation of color, REC-709 color-space compliance, and large-format pixel control. We think technicians are going to love it.

Film schools have even prohibited their students from using LiteMat during lighting instruction because it’s

“too easy to get great cinematic and soft results”

Why LiteMat Spectrum?

PDX Dimming

An all new approach to dimming.

In order for LiteMat Spectrum to achieve the best and most reliable results, an entirely new and truly modern approach to control was necessary. The PDX dimming method embeds advanced high-voltage LED drivers inside the LiteMat head eliminating brightness variations due to long cable lengths. LiteMat Spectrum allows for up to 200 feet of cable between the head unit and PDX power unit without noticeable output loss.

The Spectrum Platform

The Spectrum platform marks the beginning of a long-lasting and widely compatible system of light fixtures for cinema and television. Our goal is to provide interoperability between Spectrum fixtures from LiteGear along with future and existing development partners such as Chimera Lighting, Skylite Balloon Lighting, and Hudson Spider. User experience is the most important thing for us right now and we think the Spectrum platform, with its unified color-space, control-method and connectivity make it a wise choice for technicians, rental houses and future development partners.